Plastic Love


Plastic Love tells a story about a mutated couple who lives in a world where everything is abandoned and where people move back to nature to celebrate their hidden existence. In a world where the living is a rare species, small things like plastic objects, natural resources and rituals become of a greater value. The discovery of a plastic baby is a glimpse of hope of continuity, but its posession is a dangerous game.


Type: Fiction / Art Film
Format: Full HD / stereo
Running time: 4:09 min
Year: 2011


Script / Producer: Carolin Koss & Johan Stolpe
Director: Carolin Koss
Camer / Editing: Johan Stolpe
Special Effects: Otto Andersson
Music: Johanna Tarkkanen
Probs & Runner: Tobias Lindholm
Make Up: Zacharias Holmberg
Girl without a mouth: Aino Rissannen
Boy without eyes: Fredrik Hillbom


01.08.15   Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs Film Festival; Urjala (FI)
22.02.14   Montage Lab; Kuva/Tila; Helsinki (FI)
20.04.11 – 29.05.11   Al Dente; Österbottens Museum; Vasa (FI)