Plastic Child


PLASTIC CHILD is about a journey of a child who lives in a contaminated plastic world. Being the heir of a single living plant gives him the air to breath and eventually delivers hope for human mankind. PLASTIC CHILD is part of the trilogy EMERALD GREEN, which is about a dystopian world, where nature has been rendered extinct, breathable air has gotten scarce and the sun has vanished due to exploitation of natural resources and human error.



Type: experimental / fiction / art film
Format: Full HD / Stereo Sound
Running time: 12:11 min
Year: 2016


Director, Script, Producer: Carolin Koss
Actor: Pablo Torpo
Black Cat: Mymi
Grip, Runner: Otto Andersson
Cinematographer, Gaffer: Kim Viitanen
Costume Design: Alexandra Ovtchinnikova
Production Design, Set Building: Carolin Koss
Set Design, Props & Set Building: Heidi Jokinen
Props & Set Building: Heikki Pullo
Make Up: Carolin Koss
Catering: Carolin Koss
Editing, Special Effects: Otto Andersson
Sound Design, Foley & Sound Mix: Aleksi Tegel
Music: Johanna Tarkkanen
Color Grading: Hannu Käki
Additional Effects: Tom Svens


10.06.16 – 12.06.16    Paratissima Contemporary Art Festival; Skopje (MK)
03.03.16 – 13.03.16    Emerald Green; Oksasenkatu 11 Gallery; Helsinki (FI)