Jarmo & Jorma


Jarmo & Jorma are bound to each other and share their miserable boring lives in Österbotten, a region in Finland where nothing ever happens. They try half-heartedly to make their lives more exciting and meaningful, but it just results in more trouble and meaninglessness. The desperate seeking for thrills eventually puts the last thing worth living for to the test – their friendship.


Type: Fiction / Drama
Format: Full HD
Running time: 15:38 min
Release: 2011


Script: Otto Andersson & Johan Stolpe
Producer / Script Boy: Johan Pohjanheimo
Director: Carolin Koss
Cinamatography: Kim Viitanen
Sound Design: Anders Djupsjöbacka
Light: Tommy Rönnholm
Editing: Johan Fors & Otto Andersson
Jarmo actor: Johan Stolpe
Jorma actor: Otto Andersson


12.06.15   Pampas Filmfest; Films from Österbotten; Kino Engel; Helsinki (FI)
22.06.13   El Espejo International Short Film Festival; Bogota (CO)
14.04.12   Filmjournalen:LIVE!; Kino Andorra; Helsinki (FI)
20.11.11   RåFilm on TV station YLE/ FST5 (FI)
15.10.11   Oktober Filmfest; Vasa (FI)
10.06.11   Nevidannoe Kino’11; Tallin (EE)
24.05.11   International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS; Riga (LV)
18.05.11   Sem;colon; Stockholm (SE)