Breathing Tree


Breathing tree consists of a dead tree covered in plastic. The plastic is moving on top of the branches as if the tree would be constantly breathing in and out. The installation was inspired by a rather shocking research on our plastic waste. We produced so much plastic that we could wrap our planet with wrapping six times. Most of the plastic ends up in our oceans, which is why there is already 6 times more plastic than plankton. The North Pacific Ocean embodies the biggest dumping ground in the world, with a size twice as big as Germany. Plastic decomposes only slowly into tiny toxic pieces, which then get eaten by terres animals or marine creatures which eventually end up on our plates. With my installation I want to give an impulse to rethink wasteful behaviour and exploiting of nature.


18.11.13 – 01.12.13   ATEM; Kuvataideakatemian galleria; Helsinki (FI)