Carolin Koss is a Helsinki based German-Finnish artist and filmmaker, who is deeply rooted in German Expressionism and strongly drawn to Finnish Minimalism. Koss works with various mediums and often creates contemplative and aesthetic works, which embody internal landscapes and invent dream realities. Her works recurrently raise environmental awareness and captivate through their symbolic language and stylized imagery. She completed her MFA degree in Time & Space at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2014. Her films and video works have been shown on various international exhibitions and film festivals e.g. in Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga, Berlin, Venice, Athens, London, Addis Ababa and New York. Koss was recently nominated for the “Young Achiever’s Award” at the Golden Women Awards in Helsinki, she won the 1st price at the Screen & Sound Fest in Kraków, she was granted with the “Hope Award for arising new talents” at the Unprecedented Filmfestival in Tallin and one of her videos was picked as a finalist in a competition by the famous band Radiohead.